Growing Taller with Exercise: Is It Possible?

What You Need to Know on How to Grow Taller with Exercise

There are several benefits that are associated with exercise. But growing taller, especially as an adult, is one people talk about less often.

Most, if not all doctors will have you understand that genetics is what determines your height. Exercise won’t make you grow taller, according to them. Yet, you may come across people claiming to grow taller by doing certain exercises.

What’s the truth in all of this? Is there any reason to believe that exercise may add to your height? If there is, what types of exercises could be beneficial? This article provides comprehensive information on this topic. So, read on!

How Growth Occurs

Grow Taller As An AdultLet’s talk a bit about how people grow before progressing further to see whether exercise can make you taller.

When it comes to growth, the role of human growth hormone (HGH or GH) can never be over-emphasized. This substance, which is also known as somatotropin, has a crucial role when it comes to someone’s height.

The second substance that also plays a role in how tall you can be is the insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Growth hormone stimulates its secretion by the liver.

These two substances are vital for your epiphyseal or growth plates. They promote the elongation and ossification of the bones, which is how people get to grow taller.

When the plates close (something that happens around the end of puberty), it is thought impossible for an individual’s height to increase any further.

Puberty and growth typically end around the age of 16-19. But in some cases, the growth plates do remain open till as late as 24-27. Lower height is often the result when puberty ends earlier.

This has a connection to genetics. It is why you may have heard that your genes determine up to 80 percent how tall you can be.

Genetic defects can cause some children to have low levels of growth hormone, thus keeping them from reaching their maximum height potential.



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