To Grow Taller With Limb Lengthening Surgery Is Not For The Fainthearted

How Much Can You Add to Your Height?

Most people who had successful limb-lengthening surgeries were able to add about 2-3 inches to their height. This falls in the range of what professionals would consider being ideal and feasible.

However, there are reports of some people adding more than 2-3 inches to their height. It is not uncommon for surgeons in Korea to promise gains of up to 5 inches.

Limb-lengthening surgery is the only option that most medical professionals agree can make people grow taller after puberty.

How Much Does it Cost?

Apart from being a procedure not intended for the faint-hearted, leg-lengthening surgery is expensive. You can expect to part with thousands of dollars to have one.

In the United States, for instance, prices start from about $68,000 for bilateral femur lengthening. That doesn’t include certain other costs.

The actual amount you should be prepared to spend depending on what type of fixator would be used. The desired length and focal leg bones also influence costs.

One of the best centers offering this procedure currently charges $280,000 for increasing length by up to 16 cm! The surgery involves lengthening of both the femur and tibia using Precise fixators.

Drugs aren’t always included in cost estimates. If you’d be traveling for the procedure, you need to have additional money for travel, accommodation, foods, and other needs.

Insurance Coverage for Limb Lengthening Surgery

It is common for experts to describe this procedure as cosmetic. Sadly, what that means is that your insurer will not cover payment if you are willing to dare it.

This is a major factor that holds back most people desperate enough to undergo limb-lengthening surgery. You’d have to take care of every cost, including that of medication, out of pocket.

Traveling Abroad for Cheaper Procedure

Some people do travel outside the U.S. to have this surgery in countries with cheaper rates. Syria, Thailand, Ukraine, China, India, and Russia are some of these other countries.

Prices seem to be especially low in India. There, you may be able to spend less than $4,000 to add about 2-3 inches to your limb length.

The procedure also appears to be cheaper in some places in Europe, compared to America.

But caution is advised when looking to go overseas to have limb-lengthening surgery. It requires a certain level of expertise, which may not be existent in some countries offering cheaper rates.



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