To Grow Taller With Limb Lengthening Surgery Is Not For The Fainthearted

Limb Lengthening Techniques

Grow Taller As An AdultGradual limb lengthening is now the most popular approach to these procedures. The use of acute lengthening method in the past was often accompanied by serious issues, including nerve injury and implant failure.

The following are some of the common techniques involved in gradual limb lengthening.

Distraction osteogenesis

This technique or principle was what Ilizarov’s work mainly revolved around. The Soviet physician found that gradual distraction, or pulling apart, of bones, can help promote regeneration.

The slow, gradual pulling pressure stresses living tissues, thus stimulating them to regenerate and grow. This was described as the “law of tension stress.”


This involves the insertion of metal staples into a long bone’s growth plate. Epiphysiodesis isn’t actually a technique to help you grow taller. It is intended to correct situations where a leg is growing longer than the other.

The growth plate is restrained on both sides with the aim of preventing further development. With the growth in one leg restrained, the hope is that the shorter leg would, thus, be allowed enough time to grow and be equal to the longer one.

For angular corrections, a technique known as hemi-epiphysiodesis is used. Only one side of the growth plate is tethered in this case. Growth continues on one side while it is halted on the other.


This describes surgical bone cutting. Osteotomy is a potentially painful and often inevitable part of limb lengthening.

After a cut to the bone, surgeons then fix the right devices in place, depending on the goal of the procedure.

Surgical cut performed within a joint is known as an intra-articular osteotomy. The one done outside the joint, on the bone, is called extra-articular osteotomy.

This technique can be performed regardless of whether lengthening is done or not. It is used for correction of bone deformities that don’t require lengthening.



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