Grow Taller Pills Review: Do These Supplements Really Increase Height

Many people would do almost anything to increase their height. The appeal of being tall or taller is so great in our society today. It doesn’t take a soothsayer to know that this quality can gain you some benefits – the evidence is practically everywhere.Tall Man

The disappointing thing for such people, however, is that becoming taller isn’t just there for the taking. Medical experts are more likely to tell you that you are out of luck on this once you clock 18.

However, there are grow taller pills that promise to do the seemingly impossible. How likely are such to be helpful and how can they be if there’s any chance? Continue reading to have a better grasp of the idea behind these supplements.

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What Influences Your Height?

Certain factors determine how tall you can become. Knowing about these can put you in a better decision to assess if and how to grow taller pills may be useful.

The leading factor – by a very wide margin – is genetics. Research shows that up to 80 percent of a person’s height potential can be ascribed to this reason. A variety of environmental and lifestyle factors account for the remaining 20-40 percent.

Twin studies provide arguably the best evidence on the influence of genetics – how genes inherited determine the height. Researchers found a high correlation in the height of twins: if a twin is tall, the other is also likely to be.

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The most influential factors in height, after genetics, are diet and exercise. What kinds of nutrients do you get from the food you eat? How active are you and do you exercise? Your answers to these questions can contribute significantly to explaining why you are short or tall.

With improvement in nutrition in countries around the world, evidence suggests that there are more tall individuals than before. Researchers report in a study, for instance, that the average height in many countries was higher in 1996 than 100 years earlier.

Why and When Do People Stop Growing Taller?

You might wonder why people stop growing after some point and medical experts say there is almost no way out. This has to do with structures in the body known as growth plates. These are areas of new bone growth.

Also known as epiphyseal plates, growth plates are made up of specialized cartilage and can be found at the end of long bones. You grow taller as these plates expand to increase the length of your bone and, hence, your height.

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In most cases, however, these specialized cartilage areas stop expanding around the end of puberty. They become less active, harden, or “close” (as people often put it) as a result of hormonal changes. This occurs around the age of 16 in females and between 14 and 19 in males, according to research.

Once your growth plates close or fuse, your chances of growing taller would often be described as practically zero.

How Grow Taller Pills Claim to Help

As already stated, genetics is the most important factor in your chances of becoming a tall person or grow taller. But you do not have any control over it. You don’t dictate the genes you inherit from your parents. It’s, therefore, impossible to influence this factor when looking to increase your height.

If you are older than 18, add to that the argument that you cannot grow taller once your growth plates fuse.

Yes, your height can vary throughout the day or from one day to another as an adult. This is a result of changing pressure on the spine. Spinal compression causes you to be slightly shorter and you can become temporarily taller once this is checked. An increase in height due to this alone is not permanent.

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So what magic do height-increasing supplements propose to perform?

Grow Taller Supplement (Height Pills)


The thing is research also suggests that there is some chance of people continuing to grow after entering adulthood.

Some persons do have growth plates that have yet to close even after going past their teenage years. This means there is still a potential for them to become taller. Such individuals are the ones that grow taller pills may likely be most beneficial for.

Certain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients may potentially help to increase a person’s height. Vitamin D and calcium are among those good for bone health and potentially for height as well.

Some people are unable to attain their full height potential because they have low levels of human growth hormone (HGH). These may become taller by finding a means to increase the amount of this natural substance in their body.

Grow taller pills basically provide you with nutrients that could help you to make the most of whatever chances you have for increasing your height.

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Tablets or Capsules?

You could get these height enhancement supplements in either tablet or capsule form. This might lead to confusion of which between the two varieties is better. What’s the difference between them?

Tablets tend to hold a higher dose of active ingredients, compared to capsules. What’s more? They also boast a longer shelf life.

A major downside to the grow taller tablets, however, is that they are often not evenly dissolved in the body. They also take a longer time to kick into action.

Capsules, on the other hand, are fast-acting. Another benefit is that almost all – if not all – of the active ingredients in them are absorbed by the body.

The trade-offs with capsules are that they cost more money and have a shorter shelf life.

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Best Height-Increasing Supplement

If you feel grow taller pills sound like what you can benefit from and you need a recommendation, Growth Factor Plus appears to be a good one. We observed in our research that this product is highly rated – a leader of sorts in this segment.

The supplement is a growth hormone releaser. This means it may not only help you to grow taller but also improve your overall health. The many amazing, proven benefits of growth hormone include better metabolism, improved immunity, muscle gain, weight loss, and anti-aging.

Growth Factor Plus does not contain the real natural substance produced in the body. Instead, it is a blend of research-backed ingredients that ramp up the production of the hormone. The manufacturer claims these ingredients help to lengthen the cartilage discs between the vertebrae in your spinal column to increase your height.

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