Diabetic Neuropathy: The Latest Facts

What to do in case of complications related to the autonomic nervous system?

There are non-medical measures that can alleviate the most problematic signs of autonomic neuropathy in diabetes:

The slowing of gastric emptying (“gastroparesis”) can be controlled by eating smaller, more frequent, low-fiber and low-fat meals.

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On the other hand, a high-fiber diet and regular water intake can be used to relieve constipation.

In orthostatic hypotension, it is recommended to get up slowly and gradually. Your doctor may advise you to lift your head while lying down or wearing Compression stockings.

If the patient does not feel the need to urinate or empty the bladder, regular toilet visits should be recommended.

If there is a wound or injury to the feet, it is necessary to consult a doctor quickly. Until the consultation, it is recommended to wash the wounds with clean water and to use a colorless disinfectant that allows the appearance of the wound to be seen. Due to the fragility of the skin, a slightly adhesive bandage is preferred (sterile dry bandage, paper bandage, non-elastic tissue dressing).

If the feet are deformed, the doctor may prescribe orthopedic insoles or shoes (or any other type of device) to facilitate the placement of the shoes and to prevent these deformities from worsening.

In some cases, revascularization treatment may be prescribed to restore blood circulation to the lower limbs.




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