Crucial Criteria to Consider before Hiring a Dental Temporary Staffing Agency

If you manage a dental office, you probably know how important it is to stay fully staffed. If one of your staff members is absent one day, it can throw a monkey wrench into your operations. That’s when you need to get a temporary to your office and fast.



If you are like most dental offices, you already use dental temporary agencies to find last-minute replacements, and you may have had both good and bad experiences with them. Finding a good dental staffing agency is difficult, but reviews can help.

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Reading reviews by other dental offices can help you decide which staffing agency to use. However, just looking for five-star reviews is not enough. There are certain qualities you should look for in a good staffing agency when you read these reviews.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

If a dental staffing agency has been in business for a long time, they are likely to have a large database filled with dental professionals. If the staff members have been around for a while, they will know what they are doing when hunting for the best dental professionals possible. They will have relationships with many dentists’ offices, and they are certain to be well-versed in any problems that might arise.

However, there are also some drawbacks to working with a company that has been around for a long time. A well-established company will have a lot of clients, and if you call in on a busy day, it might be hours before they can start working on finding someone for your office.

A recruiting agent’s job is a hard one. They have to list job ads, interview candidates and arrange for drug screenings. They will also have to arrange for a background check and verify employment on all applicants. In the case of a dental temporary agency, they will also check licensure information.

They will keep all of their information on a file, and when you call in, they will match the requirements you have with the skill set of their applicants using a computer program. This is a very efficient system and it is as long as the agency has enough staff members.

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Another job of a staffing recruiter is to keep records up to date. If they do not go through their files occasionally, they will end up calling disconnected numbers or people who found jobs a long time ago.

If a recruiting agency is very busy, a recruiter may feel desperate to get their work done and may send you a person who is not qualified to do the job. If an unqualified person ends up hurting one of your patients, you may get sued and may have to sue the temporary agency as a result.

What About Going Through a New Agency?

Going through a new temporary agency has its advantages and disadvantages as well. A new agency will be eager to please. They will have lower rates and new customer specials and are likely to keep in close communication with you. They may even call you in the mornings to see if you need anything.

However, a new agency will have fewer people in its database than a more established one. If you are going through a small agency, a new company will probably have more advanced technology than an older one. But if you use a large company that is well established, they will probably have the newest technology.

A new agency will not have many old files in its record, so most of the records they are storing will be up to date.

An established agency will likely have far more reviews than a new one. You will have more feedback from other professionals in your area than you would if you were to use a new agency.

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Verified Reviews

One good thing about the Dental Staffing Reviews site is that all of the reviews are verified. When a company verifies a review, it will make sure that a business transaction took place. They may ask for a receipt, invoice, or other written evidence. They will typically verify that they are a customer of a business by email. This is a huge advantage because many companies will pay for good reviews.

According to, you want to ensure you get the real opinion of dental professionals in your area. The best reviews to read are the longest and most detailed. If someone has plenty to say, they have probably had a very good or very bad experience with the company.

Questions to Ask a Dental Staffing Company Before You Hire Them

Reading a review of a dental staffing company can be very helpful. However, you are likely to find more than one agency in your area with good reviews that offer all the services you are looking for. You may wonder how you can choose between several different agencies. It would be best if you asked the following questions to determine which agency is right for you.

What Kind Of Screening Process Do You Use?

Anytime you hire a medical professional, you should always give them a complete background check. If you do not, tragedy may result. Hence, a temporary dental agency should do more thorough research than any other kind of temporary agency would.

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Ask what kind of background checks they do. They should use a professional investigative company to find any criminal records. If a hygenist has ever been arrested on drug charges, you could be in major trouble if they injure a patient or steal drugs. You should ensure the temporary agency does drug tests for this same reason.

They should call every dental office or lab in which the person has ever been employed. They should also verify that their professional licenses are current and in good standing.

Do You Guarantee My Satisfaction?

No dental temporary agency will give you unlimited refunds if you say you are unhappy with their services. However, some companies may refund your money for the first temporary if you are dissatisfied. In the case of temp-to-hire companies, they may refund part of your money if you decide not to hire someone they sent you.

The company should at least guarantee that they will send you qualified people. You should certainly be able to get your money back if they send you someone who has not trained on equipment that you need them to be trained on or if they send you someone whose license has expired.

What is the Customer To Recruiting Agent Ratio?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask of a temporary agency. If they have too few agents to take care of all of their customers, you may wait quite a long time to get a temporary to your office.

Most recruiters will deal with more than one customer in a day. However, they should not be so overwhelmed with work that they will not be able to do a good job for anyone.

Ask the sales representative you talk to about the average amount of time it takes to get a temporary to a dental office once an order has been placed. If they don’t know, chances are it is going to be a long time.

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How Often Are Your Records Updated?

A dental staffing agency should update its records quarterly. They should get rid of the names and numbers of people who are no longer interested in working and eliminate the files of people for whom they do not have current contact information.

If a dental professional’s license has expired, the recruiter should call them and ask if they intend to renew it and when.




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