“COVID-19 Is Not Worse Than the Flu,” Says Didier Raoult The Doctor Who Championed Hydroxychloroquine

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Didier Raoult was a guest of Laurence Ferrari on CNEWS this Wednesday morning to give an update on the coronavirus epidemic.  The France-based professor remained faithful to his positions, particularly in regard to the seriousness of the disease described in the media and by politicians. COVID-19 is “not worse than the flu,” he said. “We are very far from the 1% deaths in hospitals,” which is extremely low, according to the doctor.


Didier Raoult. Image Courtesy of Franck Sabattier

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Asked about a possible resurgence of the epidemic, the director of the IHU Méditerranée believes that “it is not taking this form at the moment”. The future of a new disease is unpredictable. The numbers are very difficult to interpret. One thing is certain, the more you test, the more cases you will find,” he continued. “It’s not the same illness as the one we had in February. It’s now much milder.

Professor Raoult also talked about the mandatory wearing of masks. “Masks protect people in the field of healthcare. Besides, nothing is clear, nothing is proven in terms of viral transmission”. “I am afraid of fear,” added the epidemiologist, who was concerned that the government and the population would focus on the masks, thus creating tension. “I would have preferred us to have made the masks recommendable instead of compulsory,” he concluded.

The real solution is still to wash your hands. “We know it’s true,” said the professor, “the use of alcoholic gel makes the risk of transmission extremely low. Everything passes through the hands and then through inanimate objects”.

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Didier Raoult also questioned the legitimacy of the lockdown, pointing out that studies had shown that people who were confined were more infected on an individual level than those who continued to go out.

For testing, the French doctor confirmed that “it is better to do tests than not to do them”. However, he called for calm about the latter: “We cannot test 65 million people at once in a week. It is a viral disease like any other. Professor Raoult also explained that “this year in Marseille there were no more deaths than in previous years”.

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At the end of the interview, he repeated his misunderstanding of the ban on hydroxychloroquine and praised its results. “We have a mortality rate of 0.45%, we have treated 4,000 patients, we will never achieve better results. How do you explain this completely insane war against hydroxychloroquine? How could a drug taken by billions of people become toxic overnight,” he said.

Didier Raoult questioned the ban on chloroquine treatment when laboratories around the world are on a race for the vaccine. “I don’t know if it will be of any use. If the disease persists, I don’t know who will want to be vaccinated against something that doesn’t kill”.



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*Disclaimer: Gilmore Health Does Not Endorse the Views in This Article!



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