Covid-19: The Moroccan Airspace Will Remain Closed Until 10 September

The Moroccan airspace will remain closed until 10 September, according to Le360 from informed sources. This decision, which will soon be made official, does not affect special flights to and from the Kingdom of Morocco.



Moroccans planning to go on holiday abroad and foreign tourists planning to sunbathe on the Kingdom’s beaches should reconsider their plans.

According to Le360, the Moroccan Airspace will remain closed until 10 September 1 month more than was previously planned, and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) of the Ministry of Equipment and Transport will soon issue a NOTAM (A notice to airmen) in this direction.

This decision, Le360 explains, is in line with the extension of the health emergency to suppress the spread of COVID-19 and bring it under control.  The Moroccan space will be closed for another 1 month.

However, this decision does not affect the special flights dedicated to Moroccans stranded abroad and to foreign residents in the Kingdom. These special flights will continue to be operated by three airlines, namely Royal Air Maroc, Air France, and Air Arabia.


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