COVID-19: Germany Orders 200,000 Doses of Drug Used to Treat Donald Trump

Germany announced that it has ordered 200,000 doses of monoclonal antibodies the same type of drug that was administered to Donald Trump in October 2020.



Germany has decided to use the experimental treatment used on Donald Trump. It is the first country in the European Union to use synthetic antibodies against Covid-19. The German government has reportedly purchased 200,000 doses at a cost of 400 million euros, Health Minister Jens Spahn told Bild am Sonntag. The treatment, based on monoclonal antibodies, is to be used in university hospitals starting next week. In October 2020, the former U.S. president was treated with a drug developed by the company Regeneron. This time, the laboratory from which those doses were ordered has not yet been named. Right now, two companies have emergency approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Casirivimab and Imdevimab from Regeneron and Bamlanivimab from Eli Lilly.

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How does the treatment work?

This treatment, administered intravenously, is approved in the United States to treat mild to moderate forms of Covid-19. It does not kill the virus in infected people, but it helps slow its progression. In this approach, highly specific antibodies are extracted from the plasma of patients who already had Covid-19 and are amplified in the laboratory.

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the Regeneron product consists of two monoclonal antibodies [REGN10933 and REGN10987] selected to have precise specificity for the viral target. These antibodies are selected because they are known to be effective and can be mass-produced. Once administered to the patient, the antibody cocktail attacks the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 protein, specifically the spike protein, and tries to prevent it from infecting other cells. They are not polyclonal antibodies that recognize multiple antigens on the surface of their target. This type of treatment is not new: Monoclonal antibodies now account for more than half of biomedical drug sales and target a growing number of diseases, including cancer and multiple sclerosis.


Germany Buys Covid Treatment Used by Donald Trump



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