A French Company Developed a 15 Minutes Test for the Virus

NG Biotech of France, a company that specializes in in vitro diagnostics, announced the launch of NG-Test® IgG-IgM COVID-19 an “ultra-fast” serological test that can detect people who are or have been infected with the virus, including healthy carriers.  It can be done from a single drop of blood and can tell if a person is immune to the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Coronavirus Blood Testing

Coronavirus Blood Testing

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Currently, biological tests are only available in hospitals and specialized laboratories under certain conditions and only with a prescription. These tests will tell you whether you have the virus at the time of testing. Serological tests, on the other hand, are essential in preparing for the period after the end of the confinement as they can reveal a person’s immune status.

Detection of specific antibodies for CoV-2-SARS

The device detects the presence of antibodies (immunoglobulin M and immunoglobulin G) that our body produces to protect us from SARS Cov-2 infection. It includes a lancing device and a blood collector. To perform the test, just get a drop of blood and then transfer it to the reagent. This test can be read just like a pregnancy test with results in just 15 minutes.

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A device that has already been tested in hospitals.

This unprecedented system has been developed in cooperation with the CEA (French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission) and the Paris Support Authority (AP-HP) and has already been evaluated in several hospitals, including the Emergency Service of the Lariboisière Hospital, the Alfred Fournier Institute and the Parly-2 Hospital Centre.

NG Biotech has also already obtained the European certificates needed for production on the 27th of March and is now gearing up for the marketing part. The company expects to have ready to go 500 000 tests in May, 800 000 in June, and 1 million by July.

This test is now intended for medical professionals only

Initially, this test will not be commercially available. The main objective is to test health professionals for immunity to the virus, especially in hospitals. Despite the protective measures in place, they remain at the forefront of the disease and are at particular risk of contamination.

The test may also prove essential to determine when a person should be released from quarantine by helping find out if they are still carrying the virus and if they are immune.






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