Anti Aging: Controversial Startup Offers “Young Blood” to Fight Aging

There is a wide range of options available to people who are interested in slowing aging and maintaining a youthful appearance. A  startup based in San Francisco now provides the blood of young people for anti-aging purposes.Young Blood

Years ago, the idea of giving an older person the blood of a younger one to make the former feel youthful again would have been one for the fantasy world, a Sci-Fi concept. Things have changed greatly as this is now possible in the real world.

Interested persons can now have their dose of young blood to enjoy “eternal youth.”

Ambrosia Medical, a startup founded by Stanford Medical graduate Jesse Karmazin, offers older people a chance to have their veins filled with the blood of young individuals. The hope is that this treatment will help to promote the kind of good health synonymous with youth.

This is not exactly another case of pure quackery that people witness from to time. The treatment has the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, something the agency typically grants only after clinical research.

The Ambrosia trial

Blood transfusion is a standard treatment procedure. Regulators are aware of its benefits, so Ambrosia didn’t need to carry out any clinical trial to prove potential usefulness. It has the freedom to offer it to the public as an off-label treatment.

The San Francisco-based startup did carry out a trial, which people had to pay to take part in, to prove the efficacy of young blood transfusions for anti-aging purposes. It was the first of its kind.

In the trial, which has now been completed, the company took blood plasma from donors whose ages were between 16 and 25. Patients received 1.5 liters of the plasma over a period of two days.

The transfusions were handled by Dr. David Wright, who has a private intravenous therapy center in Monterey, California, according to Business Insider.

The blood of the participants was screened for certain biomarkers, biological substances or processes, that could give a hint of their state of health and the presence of diseases both before and after the treatment.

Karmazin described the results of the private trial as “really positive.” But the findings have yet to be submitted for peer review or published.

According to the company, the age of patients treated so far ranged from 35 to 92.

A hefty price tag

People who may be considering having a dose of young blood for eternal youth through the Ambrosia Medical treatment need to have fat wallets. The transfusions don’t come cheap.

Those who took part in the private trial had to pay $8,000 each. This obviously means that the commercial price for the procedure will very likely be higher.

Ambrosia Medical has yet to reveal how much it would be charging those who might have an interest in the young blood transfusions.

The startup has reportedly provided the treatment to around 150 people. As reported by Business Insider, 81 of the patients took part in the trial.

The company disclosed that many people have been making inquiries about how to get transfusions. It now has a waiting list for such individuals.

Some scientists, however, have misgivings about the therapy being able to deliver the promised benefits.


Start-up is Offering ‘Young Blood’ Anti-Aging Treatment

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