Breast Cancer: Personalized Screening Tested in France for Better Risk Prevention

To minimize the number of mammographies, a European experiment will offer 20,000 French women personalized screening tests to better prevent breast cancer.



Depending on the risk, the number of breast exams will be adapted to each patient.

Today, only one in two French women is examined. Every year 54,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in France.

To optimize for the early detection of the disease, this European experiment will be offering 20,000 French women a personalized screening plan which would be more effective and safer than the current standards.

The Bordeaux Nord Est Clinic is one of the French institutions where these tests will be taking place.

For each participant, the risk of developing breast cancer within five years is calculated on the basis of a salivary test.  Also a breast density test  will be performed along  with an analysis of family history and genetic data.

The saliva test is the first step on a personalized journey

Number of mammograms will be determined based on the risk of each patient

Depending on the level of risk calculated, the following protocols will be undertaken:

  • Low risk: mammography every four years
  • Moderate risk: one mammogram every two years as is now the case for women aged 50-74
  • High risk: one mammogram per year with additional tests
  • Very high risk: MRI is added to the high risk screening already performed

Currently, only one in two French women is screened under the program for women aged between 50 and 74.

Breast cancer remains the most deadly for all women, with 12 000 deaths a year in France.

The Bordeaux Nord Clinic Est is one of the French institutions participating in this European experiment.




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