Big Butt: The Trend, Benefits and Lower Back Pain

Of the two main genders in the world, females are more considerate of how they look. They get jealous of each other and will go the extra length to get the body shape they most desired.

“Donkey”, “Backside”, “Big Buttocks”, or “Big Ass” depending on how you prefer to call it, having an ideal butt is one thing all ladies will die to possess. The 70s encourages curvy boots while the 80s/90s prefer celebrities with athletic butt. In the early 21st-century ideal butts are toned, round and moderately big.

Big Butt

Big Butt

Today, the trend favors big and round butts ― think of the two butt queens Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian. To say that this physique contributes to their popularity is no farther from the truth.

Women with “A-shaped” physique turns head everywhere they go to. A 2015 statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) revealed how much women crave for their share of public attention resulting from possessing a big butt. According to the report, butt implants are the fastest growing type of plastic surgery. While buttock augmentation and buttock lift remain the most popular buttock enhancement procedure.

As noted in a released press release by the ASPS, “Overall, there was a buttock procedure every 30 minutes of every day, on average,”

The procedure costs women between $3,500 and $10,000 on average.

On the contrary, females with the natural big backside reveal they would have chosen otherwise. Before you begin to blame them for not cherishing something others spend much to get, here are some excerpts of stories told by some of them.

A Yahoo! Answer user with a username Seajay narrated her ordeal thus: “I’ve always had a large butt since I young, in jr high I even got told “I’m tol white for that ***” I can’t walk for a long period of time without a pain shooting up my spine, I can’t stand for a long time or even lay down. I’ve lost 15lb and but NONE came off my butt.”

In a similar development, The Doctors Show was guested on phone by a woman whose doctor claimed her large behind was the cause of her back pain.

What a contradictory wish! Before you read on, note that it is not all buttocks that cause back pain. In fact, the women cited above all have the Nicky type of butt and not that of Beyoncé. Athletic and flat butt presents no such condition.

Anatomy of the Buttock and Low Back Pain

The butt consists of three muscles ― gluteus maximus (largest), gluteus medius (located at the mid part of the buttock), and gluteus minimus (located towards the hip region).

These muscles synergize to control the legs movements. Aside from that, they also contribute to the knee and pelvis stability.

Big butt places more stress on these muscles and over time, they may become weak. Sometimes they might be underperforming due to some pathology in the innervating nerves.

To compensate for the weakness in the activities of the gluteus muscles, the hip flexor muscles steps in to assist. The hip flexors are muscles located at the front (anterior) part of the thigh.

As much as this may sound physiological (normal) enough, it exposes the lower part of the body to some risks. For instance, the tightening of the muscles creates an unhealthy curve at the lower back region called lordosis or swayback. This may cause some damages in the discs in-between the sacral and lumbar vertebra.

Since there is malformation in the morphology of the discs, they tend to touch the sciatic nerve resulting in sciatic nerve pain.

The Piriformis muscle is may also be affected by the frequent swaying of the buttock. This muscle connects the sacrum and the hip bone. When it is unnecessary stretched, it affects the sciatic nerve thereby presenting pain, and sometimes numbness in the buttock.

Women with big butts are most likely to experience a problem with the piriformis while females, in general, are 6 times more prone compared to men.

Conclusion: Should Women Enhance Their Butt?

The decision of augmenting the butts or not is individuals’. However, a careful analysis of the butt trends from the 1920s till date reveals it has always been changing. Enhancing the butt via physical exercises is okay as the butt muscles would have been trained to withstand the new buttock shape.

Female self-confidence and realization of their own natural beauty trump any endeavor to get a bigger butt that may at the end of the day cause low back pain.


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