Argan Oil Is Now Used To Rejuvenate Both The Skin And Hair

An Introduction To Argan Oil

Argan oil is a product of a tree that exclusively grows in Morocco. It is loaded with natural ingredients that are beneficial to your skin and hair, not leaving out your nails and cuticles. This is the reason why many people talk about it as a must-have in your beauty arsenal. An increasing number of top, expensive beauty products are starting to include it in their formulas.

Argan Seeds

Argan Seeds

Continue reading to learn more about why experts think your skin and hair will benefit from including it in your beauty regimen.

Ways to Enhance Your Skin with Argan Oil

Removes dead cells

A major hindrance to glowing skin is the presence of dead cells. Argan oil is a powerful natural exfoliator that can help you deal with these. It offers a cheaper alternative to some brand names used for this purpose.

You may mix a few drops of argan oil with brown sugar and rub into your face or skin using a circular motion. By doing this, you are able to remove dead skin cells from the top layers easily. Rinse with warm water after thorough application.

Improves moisture

A major reason why you will find argan oil in some top quality skincare products is its ability to improve moisture. It improves the hydration of your skin and helps soften it this way. This effect is due to the oil’s high vitamin E content.

This vitamin is known to solidify the barrier of your skin, thus helping to retain moisture. It is why argan oil is often recommended for moisturizing the entire body, including the lips.

You simply need to apply a few drops and rub into your skin using gentle, circular motions. Another option is to add it to your regular moisturizer to enhance the effect.

Prevents breakouts

Breakouts are usually associated with the use of oils and certain moisturizers. It may seem rather foolish then to suggest an oil for dealing with them. Argan oil doesn’t leave an oily residue on your skin, except of course if you apply too much. The oil is absorbed very quickly.

Argan oil is loaded with oleic and linoleic acids, two types of unsaturated fatty acids that are known to help fight acne. The constituents exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Many acne formulas use it as a carrier oil for these benefits.


It is not open to debate that many people spend several hundreds of dollars every year all in a bid to slow skin aging.  There are countless products on the market for combating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Argan oil offers a somewhat cheaper mean of achieving this goal. The loss of firmness and elasticity is responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. This oil can restore the elasticity of your skin when used topically.

Its antioxidant properties help to inhibit the effects of aging on your skin. Vitamins A and E, which are present in the oil, are known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Fades dark spots

Are you currently having hyperpigmentation issues or dark spots on your skin? Argan oil may help with those too. Dark spots are the result of excessive production of the skin pigment melanin. Therefore, you may achieve a brighter skin with more even tone by using it.

How Argan Oil Can Benefit Your Hair


If you are in search of a natural conditioner for your hair, you can use argan oil. Because it is non-greasy, you can simply rub into your hair. You can also warm a few drops in your hands, massage into your scalp and leave it overnight for deep conditioning.

Compared to most other oils, experts say that argan oil has smaller molecules. This enables it to penetrate deeper into your hair and scalp. It thus keeps your hair from becoming frizzy and repairs split ends. The oil combats dryness and makes your hair softer.

Improves shine

Argan oil gives a healthy shine to your hair. It is a preferred choice for hair styling due to how it helps to keep hair from becoming frizzy.

And as we already noted, the oil is unique from many others, including olive oil, in that it is non-greasy. Your hair absorbs it easily for a pleasant shine without oily residue. The shine you get is due to the fatty acids it is rich in.

Relieves itchiness

Itchy scalp is not only uncomfortable but a potentially embarrassing problem. This is not unconnected with dryness, which makes the skin flaky and itchy.

Argan oil is rich in nutrients that help to prevent dryness and soothe irritation. Its anti-inflammatory properties are useful for dealing with issues such as flakes and dandruff.

Promotes Hair growth

If you happen to be suffering from hair loss, argan oil can make a good addition to your cabinet. You can get help in opening up your pores and boosting blood circulation by massaging it into your scalp daily. These effects can be beneficial for hair growth.

The phenols present in the oil have a stimulatory effect on your scalp. You are likely to get better results when you combine it with good hair loss treatment.

Other Ways Argan Oil Helps Your Skin and Hair

Protects against the sun

Almost everybody is now aware that sun exposure is a major contributor to aging. The more you are exposed to its ultraviolet rays, the faster you are likely to age. It is not only your skin that feels the undesirable effects but also your hair.

Excessive exposure to the sun gives unstable molecules popularly known as free radicals to have a field day. These agents harm your body, including your skin and hair.

Argan oil can offer protection from the sun and its possible damaging effects when you massage it on your body and into your hair. The antioxidant properties it boasts assist in fighting free radicals.

Prevents damage

This is a perfect choice for guarding against damage to your skin and hair follicles. And that’s because the oil doesn’t clog your pores.

It offers fatty acids and vitamin E that can assist in preventing and repairing the damage. You will find these beneficial for guarding against damage to your hair by heat from styling tools. A few drops applied to the skin can promote healing and renewal.

Tips for Buying Argan Oil

To enjoy all these benefits and more, however, it is essential that you get your choice right. There is argan oil and there is the authentic argan oil. In other words, not everything described as this oil is of good quality.

It is important to ensure that the product you buy indicates “100% pure.” Such should ideally be organic and cold-pressed.

Well, one can reason that any manufacturer can claim these qualities. It may be better to buy from a reputable, trusted company for this reason.

Argan oil that contains any additives may not give you satisfactory results.

Also, make sure that the oil you buy is specifically for skin and hair. You can find this out by reading the accompanying label. Culinary argan oil may not give you these benefits or its potency for these purposes may be lower.





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