Antibiotics are a Must to treat Coronavirus Says Compassionate French Doctor in This Viral Video

In a viral video about the current COVID-19 pandemic  currently circulating in the French speaking world a compassionate French doctor, talks about his experience with treating French coronavirus patients. The doctor in question is Dr Gilles Besnainou an ENT a surgeon who practices in Paris. In this video he claims to have treated many coronavirus patients of which many could have been saved if doctors were left alone to do their jobs as they always have in the past.

In the video in a clearly emotional state Dr Gilles Besnainou talks about what was done wrong during the initial wave of coronavirus patients in France. He said that the info they were provided initially by the higher medical authorities had caused more harm than good as it kept them from treating patients the way they always treated those with similar symptoms.

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He also mentioned the Didier Raoult’s treatment which is basically hydroxychloroquine. He also mentioned that chloroquine is not necessary and that they are now able to treat coronavirus patients with antibiotics mostly Azithromycin and in some cases a second antibiotic is added. He reiterates that the antibiotics must be taken as soon as you start to show any of the symptoms of COVID-19.  He also added that most of the patients that end up dying are usually sick for over 3 weeks and that the goal of the treatment is not to let patients end up in intensive care in the first place.  Antibiotics help by helping patients avoid getting the secondary bacterial infection so that their immune systems are not overwhelmed.  Also he mentioned that the Chinese lied to the rest of the world about the virus and that they are liars. However he did not elaborate on why he believes that they lied. He also mentioned that Chinese studies are just now coming out.

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We added English subtitles to the video so that more people can have access to what he had to say.  Please share this article and video as it does throw the spotlight on some interesting points that need to be discussed!

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