Anavar: Why Is Oxandrolone So Popular Among Athletes?

Medical Uses

Anavar was originally used for the treatment of involuntary weight loss. It helps promote muscle regrowth in an individual who might have lost muscle mass as a result of certain medical disorders. It was used to fight weight loss resulting from medical issues, such as trauma and chronic infections.

In addition, it has been shown that oxandrolone can be beneficial to people suffering from osteoporosis. It is thought to help relieve bone pain in these cases, improving bone density as well.

This steroid compound was also approved for the treatment of alcoholic hepatitis and Turner syndrome. It was also permitted for treatment of weight loss resulting from HIV/AIDS.

Non-Medical Uses

Anavar appears to be more popular for non-medical purposes than for treatment of genuine medical disorders. The drug is a favorite among bodybuilders, athletes, and others desiring aesthetic goals.

What benefits do these otherwise healthy individuals hope to achieve?

Muscle growth

Oxandrolone has a reputation for its anabolic potency – that is, the ability to promote rapid muscle growth. Although it promotes weight gain, the weight in question here is not fat, but lean muscle mass.

But this does not mean the steroid is the best when it comes to muscle growth, forget the high anabolic rating. The point is that it can help in this regard. It becomes even more appealing because users do not need to worry about water retention.


Observation shows that Anavar could be more efficient when it comes to cutting. It helps to strip fat from the body and protect lean muscle. Professional bodybuilders typically use it during their cutting cycles. This way, it helps to burn fat at a more efficient rate while also ensuring you do not lose lean muscle mass as well.

Performance enhancement

Anavar falls in the class of performance enhancers. It makes athletes perform better and last longer. The compound promotes greater strength. It gives athletes more power and speed too.

The steroid helps to promote faster recovery following workouts. It boosts your energy levels and reduces how fast you get tired. As a result, you stand a better chance of training harder and longer. It is not surprising then that it is a doping agent in sports.



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