A Combination of Hormones Could Help Treat Obesity and Diabetes

The findings of a recent study revealed that obese patients could lose around 4.4 kg as well as reduce their glucose levels into near-normal levels within four weeks if treated with a new combination of hormones.

Diabetic Obese Person

Diabetic Obese Person

One out of four adults in the United Kingdom is obese. No doubt that obesity is considered one of the most prevalent health-related problems not only in the country but also in all parts of the world. Weight loss surgery, specifically gastric bypass surgery, is one of the most extreme methods of losing weight and many patients prefer to avoid it at all cost believing that it may result in complications such as chronic nausea, abdominal pain, debilitating low blood sugar levels, and vomiting.

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The previous study done by Imperial College London showed how gastric bypass surgery was effective in weight loss. The reason behind this conclusion was the high levels of hormones from the bowels that are released during this procedure. The hormone combination, called GOP (which is short for glucagon-like peptide 1, oxyntomodulin, and peptide YY) can help reduce appetite, thereby aiding in weight loss and improving the ability of the body to utilize sugar obtained from eating.

Researchers want to ascertain if mimicking the high levels that happen after surgery by infusing patients with GOP can help with weight loss and the reduction of glucose levels . In the study, fifteen patients were provided with the GOP treatment for four weeks. A pump is used to slowly inject the GOP mixture into the skin for 12 hours per day. It begins one-hour before eating breakfast, and it is disconnected after the last meal of the day. Aside from that, patients were given dietary advice on how to eat healthily and lose weight by a nutritionist.

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The author of the study said that obesity and diabetes are life-threatening conditions that can cause stroke, cancer, and heart disease. New medicines should be uncovered to save the lives of millions of patients. Although this study is small, the hormone treatment is said to be promising in improving the health of the patients in only four weeks. If compared to other methods, this kind of treatment is non-invasive, and this can help aid in reducing levels of glucose to near-normal levels.

In the study, the patients who received the GOP treatment lost around 4.4 kg while those who received a saline placebo, only lost around 2.5 kg on average. On the other hand, those who underwent bariatric surgery and followed a low-calorie diet lost around 10.3kg while patients who only followed a low calorie diet without undergoing the surgery only lost 8.3kg.

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