7 Healthy Drinking Water Hacks That You Can Use to Improve Your Water’s Quality

Getting safe drinking water can be a hassle. Chemicals, sediments, and microbes are all around, and they keep finding ways to creep into our drinking water. Thankfully, there are healthy drinking water hacks that you can use to improve your water’s quality. We’ve provided seven of them in this post. Pick one or two, and you’ll be good to go with healthy drinking water wherever you are!



1. Boil water before drinking

One of the easiest ways to make drinking water healthy is to boil it. The CDC says boiling is the surest way to kill disease-causing microorganisms in water. To purify your water by boiling, add your drinking water to a clean container and heat it until it starts to boil. Then, let it boil continuously for about three minutes. Most microorganisms cannot survive high temperatures, and some die off even before the water starts to boil.

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2. Use water filters

Buying a water filter for your home is another hack for healthy drinking water. It’s a low-effort solution since the water filter automatically cleanses your water, and you don’t need to do any work. There are different water filters you can use, depending on what you want to improve about your water.

  • Activated carbon filters remove chemicals, including volatile organic compounds, from water. They are great for improving water taste and smell.
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) filters are excellent for removing chemical contaminants like lead and arsenic. They make your water safe to drink.
  • Ion exchange filters remove hardness-causing minerals from water. They soften your water, making it easier to use. Some ion exchange filters can also help you get rid of water acidity.
  • Water filters are either whole house systems (filtering water throughout the house) or point-of-use systems (filtering water at one point or faucet). There are many brands in the market to choose from. If interested in obtaining a water filtering system Check out these Aquasana water filter reviews and see what others say about them.

3. Use chlorine disinfection

Chlorine disinfection (chlorination) is another way to make your water healthy. Chlorination is great for neutralizing microorganisms in water. There are two practical ways to chlorinate your water.

  • Use household bleach: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirms that you can use household bleach to disinfect your water. Bleach contains chlorine as the main ingredient. Ensure that the bleach you use is unscented and has a label that says it is safe for water disinfection. Once that’s in place, add two drops of bleach to one liter of drinking water and let it settle for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, your water is healthy and safe for drinking.
  • Use chlorine tablets: You can also disinfect your water with chlorine tablets. This method is easy and economical. Use 1mg chlorine tablet per liter of water. The tablet will dissolve almost immediately, but remember to wait for at least 30 minutes before drinking the water.

4. Use iodine disinfection

Like chlorine, iodine also works for disinfecting drinking water. Add iodine solution or tablets into your water according to the instructions on the label.

Always wait for at least 30 minutes after adding iodine to your water before drinking. Iodine effectively destroys most microorganisms, although some bacteria like cryptosporidium are iodine resistant.

5. Use UV purifiers

UV purifiers are easy-to-use, effective, and economical. They disinfect water by killing microorganisms with UV light. You can install a UV water treatment system in your home or use a UV sterilization pen.

To use a UV pen, immerse the pen into your drinking water and turn on the light at the pen end. Then, stir your water with the pen for a minute or two, and take out the pen (remember to turn off the light before taking out the pen). After that, your water will be safe to drink.

6. Distill your water

Distillation makes your water healthy by vaporizing and condensing water. You can buy and install water distillers to distill your home water regularly, but if you need emergency treatment, you can distill your water by yourself. To do this, you’ll need a big pot and pot lid, a smaller metallic bowl, ice cubes, and a heat source.

  • Half fill the big pot with the water you want to distill.
  • Place the small bowl inside the big pot.
  • Turn the pot lid upside down and use it to cover the big pot.
  • Turn on the heat source under the big pot.
  • As the water starts to boil and vaporize to form droplets under the pot lid, place ice cubes on the pot lid.
  • Vaporized water will gradually condense and store in the small bowl.

Distilling your water takes a lot of time, and distilled water usually tastes ‘flat’. But it will remove over 99% of contaminants in your water, including chemicals and microbes. So it is a very effective method of making your water healthy.

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7. Use solar disinfection

You can also use natural UV rays from the sun to make your water healthy:

  1. Filter your water by pouring it through a clean cloth or coffee filter. Then pour the water into clean water bottles.
  2. Place the bottles on a dark surface under direct sunlight. Do not keep the bottles upright; let them lay on their side instead.
  3. Leave the bottles in the sun for six to 48 hours, depending on how sunny it is.

UV light from the sun will destroy present microorganisms and make your water healthy.

Even if your water supply is unsafe, you do not have to drink unhealthy water and deal with the terrible effects. The hacks above are simple but effective ways to make your water healthy. Choose the method that applies to you, and enjoy drinking healthy water!





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