4 Good Reasons to Always Have a First Aid Kit in Your Truck

Trucks are high-risk vehicles in their own right. Any accident involving trucks is bound to be catastrophic and so adequate measures should be put in place to reduce the severity of such accidents if they happen. Fully functional first aid kits should be made available in trucks and drivers given basic medical training to offer emergency care if need be. The provision of first aid kits should be mandatory and defaulters should be fined. According to a Florida truck accident lawyer, the presence of first aid kits in trucks helps reduce the casualties from accidents.

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First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Contents of a first aid kit

  • Burn dressing- Used for treating all injuries caused by burns
  • First aid emergency leaflet- A book of instructions on what  to do in emergency situations
  • Foil blanket- Used as an airtight covering
  • Gloves- Used in protecting the hands against harmful contaminants
  • Waterproof plasters- Useful for protecting injuries from water and water conditions
  • Scissors- Important for cutting various objects or materials
  • Triangular bandage- A type of bandage for covering up injuries
  • Wipes- For cleaning wounds, dirt, and a host of other things
  • Saline for cleaning- Used for cleaning wounds
  • Wound dressing- For dressing wounds
  • Adhesive- For protecting wounds from contamination
  • Syringe- Used for injecting substances like drugs
  • Painkillers- like aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen
  • Cotton wool and disinfectant- Used for cleaning and cleansing of injured surfaces
  • Nitrile in pairs
  • Plasters- different sizes and types
  • Sterile eye bandaids
  • Tweezers
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Thermometer- For checking the temperature
  • Distilled water

Reasons to have a first aid kit

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  1. 1. Save a life if need be:

First aid kits have been known to save lives. If an accident occurs and the victim is bleeding from a major blood vessel, basic medical intervention may be what stops the person from losing their life.

Something as simple as wrapping the wound with a bandage and applying enough pressure to stop the bleeding while awaiting medical help.

Asides from stopping bleeds, first aid kits are also equipped with other tools that make a huge difference in life and death situations. There are also burn dressings that can be used to prevent burn wounds from getting infected,  and other types of dressings for other specific wounds.

  1. For emergency treatment:

First aid kits are necessary for the emergency treatment of injured persons. As in the example given above, bleeding from a major artery is an emergency situation. The littlest delay in treatment could lead to a loss of life in such instances. The first aid kit is equipped with a host of things that can at least stabilize an accident victim while awaiting medical care. An example of this is the use of scissors to cut away any constraints or obstructions preventing the victim from breathing normally. Another is also the use of bandages to stop bleeding whilst applying pressure.

  1. In the possibility of being stuck in a place with inaccessible medical care like forests:

Aside from offering intervention in emergency situations, first aid kits might be the only access to medical supplies if one is stuck in a place where they can’t access medical care. For example, if one is stuck in a forest with no reception, or stuck somewhere in a thunderstorm where it might take hours or even days before they can get any help. In such instances, something as simple as injecting the person with pain killers or sedatives might be the best way to help them. At least it takes care of their pain for the time being, while other things could be done to take care of their other injuries.

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  1. For handling small injuries that do not require hospitalization:

Not all injuries require hospitalization. Sometimes, basic medical care is all that is needed to get the accident victim back to optimal health. The basic medical care that can be offered includes cleaning and disinfecting wounds and cuts to prevent infections, dressing wounds to prevent further complications, and even administration of pain killers. First aid kits are fully equipped with the materials needed to treat all of the above minor injuries. More often than not, its availability as well as the knowledge of its use is sometimes all that is needed if an accident occurs.

Benefits of having a first aid kit in your truck

Saves lives: As stated earlier, first aid kits save lives as they are used to stabilize major injuries and also treat minor injuries.

Reduce the severity of injury: There are so many things in first aid kits that help to reduce the severity of injuries gotten and also help manage the pain as well as manage other emergency situations.

Prolong life span while awaiting professional care: First aid kits are important for prolonging life span while waiting for professional care.

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Something as simple as having a first aid kit in vehicles can prevent so many complications that happen when accidents occur.

The benefits of having first aid kits cannot be overemphasized because there is simply no disadvantage of having one. Its advantages, on the other hand, range from saving lives in life-and-death situations, to even eliminating the need for hospitalization in instances of minor injuries.

Vehicle owners are obliged to provide first aid kits for their vehicles and refusal on their parts could have consequences ranging from paying fines to community service and even jail time, depending on where they live.






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