3 Ways You Can Encourage & Create Opportunities For the Elderly To Stay Active

As people grow old, they start to experience physical, mental, or even personality-related changes. These changes tend to affect many aspects of life. One of the most common effects of these changes is reduced physical activity. No matter how active they were at a younger age, they may not be able to easily perform such activities. Some fall into a lifestyle where they seldom get any exercise and develop poor dietary practices.

Elderly Exercise

Elderly Exercise

Approaching old age can increase the risk of developing several health problems. Nonetheless, it’s never too late to recognize this issue and start practicing good habits such as exercising, eating a balanced diet, and making time for proper rest.

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In this post, we will discuss three ways you can encourage or create opportunities for elders to remain active in their everyday life.

Look Up Nearby Gyms That Offer Personal Training For Seniors 

Several gyms and training centers offer personal training for older adults. You should find a personal trainer with formal education in fitness training and that specializes in elderly fitness. When you find one, ask your parents to sign up for at least a few weeks and see how it works out for them. You can encourage them by joining the classes with them.

Look for mild training options that won’t put a lot of stress on their joints and muscles. There are several regular exercise classes as well as specialized ones such as aerobics and tai chi for the elderly.

Find Games That Suit Older Adults 

While it may be difficult for seniors to play competitive sports like basketball or football, there are several games that they can handle, such as table tennis and shuffleboards. You can even indulge in elderly group games such as the elderly version of a tennis ball race, where you pass around one ball fast enough to catch up with the second ball. The player who ends up with both the balls will be out. You could easily set these games up at your own home and encourage them to play with you.

Finding an activity that you and your loved one could look forward to at the end of the week is a great idea. Not only does it provide physical activity but also an opportunity to nurture your bond and cherish your relationship with your parent.

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Make Park Visits A Part Of Your Routine

Visiting your nearby park can benefit your elderly in many ways. If you lack the time, make it a part of your caretaking routine and take your aging parent for a weekly, or even better, daily stroll. Spending time in nature can be good for both a senior’s mental and physical health. Not only will this allow you more time to spend with your elderly loved one, but it will help you improve your health as well.

To Conclude

Long-term habits can be hard to quit, and sudden transformations are easier said than done. As we mentioned earlier, both physical limitations and personality changes can hinder one’s spirit and prevent one from trying out what’s best for them.

Organizing the three ideas mentioned above will help you and your aging parent exercise to stay fit and happy. On top of these, you can try several other practices to keep your parents healthy and active. For instance, encourage them to use the stairs instead of taking an elevator.

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There’s nothing that a little bit of regular physical activity can’t improve. Staying active allows older adults to lead happier and healthier lives. It also mitigates the many health risks and brings overall positivity into their lives.





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